Advanced Church Management App

No more paper work, no more calculations, effective departmental collaboration and scalability. Engage more through task management. 

Church Management Streamlined

KloseOn is designed to effectively manage the overall church portfolio including but not limited to membership management, departmental credibility, income & expenses management, church attendants, understanding the flow of resources allocation and much more.

Focus More On Growth and Impact

With KloseOn, you focus more on the strategic plan to grow your ministry using the analysis derived from using KloseOn app. We take care of the internal fundamentals using the unprocessed data from your ministry. 

KloseOn app is the first all-in-one management software designed for church effectiveness and growth.


KloseOn web application benefits are endless...

Church Growth

Every succesful church wants to understand the flow of its growth, effectiveness of its soul winning & evangelism strategy. KloseOn app provides you an overview of your growth with chats and graphs that can help you make more informed strategic decisions.

Assign Tasks

With KloseOn, you can assign tasks to workers and members, monitor them till completion. This aids effective team management culminating in higher productivity.

Members Relationship

Feel closer to your members with KloseOn. Your members also feel seen, cared for as you are able to better understand individual needs and intercede accordingly.

No More Calculations

No more cracking of your brain and pressing of calculators: KloseOn handle that on the go! KloseOn also generates a monthly statement of all income and expenses.

Revenue Overview

KloseOn gives you an overview of all revenue sources. Helps you determine which part is more functional and what you need to do to improve on other aspects.


KloseOn is compatible with multiple platforms and can be used from any location. Work flexibly and keep track of your church performance from any device.

At a Glance

Some sample sections on KloseOn app.