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After we receive your application, it would usually take 24 - 48 hours to get your login details sent to your registered email address. All applications go through some vetting before being fully registered. In some very cases, this process may take longer.

It depends on how you run your ministry. You can decide to have just one account to run all activities or you can have an account setup for each branch. You can use the same organisation name and append it to your branch location just to differentiate this from each other.

Yes, KloseOn is built on technology that supports modern interaction from any device. You get the same rich look and functionality.

No you can't. The reason for this is that your email address may be in use by other family members of yours. Example; You cannot open and run an email address for a 3 year old child. Your email address should be used to register his or her account.

We respect individuals' privacy and this is why we limit the details needed to setup your account. your organisation can ask from you to setup your account. You can decide to complete the registration yourself through your portal if you like. The only people within your organization structure that can see all your details when you have completed them are the very top tier members and Admin representatives.

This means we will be charging you only 3% of whatever income your organisation generates in a month. We put this in place to make it convenient for all our clients to enjoy the full benefits of KloseOn without breaking the bank. In addition, this is calculated in your home currency.

No, you can't! Your church needs to register with KloseOn then you can register on the KloseOn platform through your church. We do not manage any church member's details, this is handled by the administrations of your church.

Yes. One good thing about our software is that you can choose to further customised it to tailor the needs of your church in detail. This comes at an additional cost which will be discussed during onboarding.